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Our Tool Shop | We are an excellent stamping dies and stamped parts manufacturer for 42 years in Taiwan. We have superb technology to produce quality products and market our products all over the world, while getting a good reputation from our customers.

Machine Shop

Our Tool Shop
Our Tool Shop

We invest in equipment as a way to invest in our customers and our company. Our extensive die fabrication equipment helps us supporting consistent, high-quality fabricated metal components to our tool shop. We have Wire EDM, CNC Machining with optional 4th axis, turning latch, Surface grinding machine, and more.

Grinder List

Grinding MachineTATUNG-3300 x 250 x 100
Grinding MachineSINITRON84DX1700 x 400 x 400
Forming GrinderIIPMECPLTH4001300 x 250 x 100
Forming GrinderSEEDTEC6181500 x 200 x 250
Grinding MachineKENT-1600 x 300 x 200
Inner Hole Jig GrinderT.W.T-1 
Lathe MachinePEI PING-1MAX DIA. 42

Machine Center List

CNC Machining CenterKITAMURAMyCenter-3XG1900 x 410 x 460
CNC Machining CenterAKIRA SEIKIPERFORMA V511500 x 500 x 450
CNC Machining CenterAKIRA SEIKISR31500 x 350 x 300
NC Milling MachinePING JENGRM-2VS1500 x 250 x 150
NC Milling MachineIWASHITA-1600 x 200 x 100
Contour MachineSAWMASTERPY-3101500 x 400 x 350
Tool GrinderPEIPINGPP-6001800 x 550 x 670

Wire EDM List

Jig GrinderMITSUI SEIKI4GDN1400 x 600 x 200
CNC WEDMCHMEREQ3251350 x 250 x 200
CNC WEDMCHMERGX640L1600 x 400 x 300
CNC WEDMTROOPTP-401500 x 400 x 350
EDMRUEYTONGRT730-2001400 x 250 x 150
Hole EDMCHMER0.3 ~ 3.0mm1150 x 150 x 200

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