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Rearch and Design | We are an excellent stamping dies and stamped parts manufacturer for 42 years in Taiwan. We have superb technology to produce quality products and market our products all over the world, while getting a good reputation from our customers.


Rearch and Design
Rearch and Design

Finding the ideal solution always starts with getting a clear understanding of the problem. Leadtech has a specialist team of engineers who use their knowledge and experience to design metal stamping solutions to meet customer needs. Whether it's a brand-new design for manufacture or a redesign to improve an existing component's performance, the designers will review what's required to create the best result.

Our CAD services industry-leading software and validation/testing methods, the designers review which design and manufacturing methods will achieve the best functional performance. As well as ensuring the design maximises value and reduces costs, the exercise will also identify what materials and finishes should be used, before a finished 3D design is created for the client to review.

In order to reduce development time and materials cost, a pressing simulation is created. The simulation results provide the designers calculated result of the pressing process such as FLD, material stress. The designers can also use CAE software to calculate flatten blank from formed model. There is also the opportunity to simulate different raw material specifications before the production tooling is manufactured.

Once a design is finalised, a fully detailed drawings can be published to the tool shop with engineering meeting. Critical dimensions and functional fittings will be addressed during the meeting before proceeding with actual machining.

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