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Leadtech Press Shop | We are an excellent stamping dies and stamped parts manufacturer for 42 years in Taiwan. We have superb technology to produce quality products and market our products all over the world, while getting a good reputation from our customers.

Stamping Shop

Leadtech Press Shop
Leadtech Press Shop

We offer state-of-the-art mechanical press control packages, modern transfer and progressive stamping presses, automatic coil feeders. We currently produce precise metal stampings for the following: Door locks, Electronics, Medical application, Automotive, Heat spreader, Metal Bipolar Plates for the Fuel Cell and Telecommunications industries.

We 16 sets of stamping presses ranging from 35 tons to 400 tons with table size up to 2.8meters long.

Progressive Stamping

Typical material we work with are all types of steel, hot and cold carbon steel, with or without galvanizing, stainless steel, aluminum and copper alloy. Regarding thickness, we go up to 9 mm.

Our orientation is the development and production of highly technical parts, with as much added value as possible, whether due to dimensional or quality requirements. Moreover, we are able to use specific equipment which allows to make additional operations inside the stamping tools, operations such as screw and nuts insert, threads and others.

Fine Blanking

Fine blanking is one of the special process offering our clients a wider range of components, as well as more complicated ones. Fine blanking has some common elements with regular stamping: press, die and coil. However, thanks to its specific working system, it allows to obtain much better results in terms of:
● Dimensional Tolerance in Cutting
● Flatness
● Cutting Without Tears

Regarding material types, we work mainly with cold steels, with specific characteristics to allow heat treatments. We also use different types of stainless steel.

Transfer Stamping

The presses that use this technology have a manipulator-transfer that enables the shift of the pieces from one station to the next one. The starting point is a steel blank which has been previously cut. That avoids the necessity of any attachment strip between pieces and consequently reduces the amount of raw material to be used.

This makes possible the fully automatic transition from one station to the next one.

Our specialty in this field is the production of moderate- or deep-drawing pieces, usually of cup shape: sealing elements, bearing housings, etc.

Press Machine List

Press MachineMAZUM20T3320 x 625 x 200
Press MachineMAZUM25T1320 x 625 x 230
High Speed Press MachineSENSON35T2400 x 720 x 230
Press MachineSSC35T1400 x 780 x 250
Speed Press MachineCHIN FONG45T1460 x 725 x 230
Press MachineCHIN FONG60T1550 x 1100 x 360
Press MachineCHIN FONG80T1560 x 420 x 330
Press MachineMAZUM85T11000 x 550 x 360
Press MachineCHIN FONG110T1600 x 1150 x 350
Link Motion Press MachineSANES120T1750 x 850 x 375
Press Machine with Transfer SystemSEI YI160T12000 x 880 x 450
Press MachineCHIN FONG200T12200 x 940 x 510
Press Machine with Transfer SystemSENSON200T12200 x 940 x 510
Knuckle Joint Press Machine with Transfer SystemCHIN FONG400T12200 x 940 x 510

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