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Machine Shop

Our Tool Shop
Our Tool Shop

We invest in equipment as a way to invest in our customers and our company. Our extensive die fabrication equipment helps us supporting consistent, high-quality fabricated metal components to our tool shop. We have Wire EDM, CNC Machining with optional 4th axis, turning latch, Surface grinding machine, and more.

Grinder List

Grinding MachineTATUNG-3300 x 250 x 100
Grinding MachineSINITRON84DX1700 x 400 x 400
Forming GrinderIIPMECPLTH4001300 x 250 x 100
Forming GrinderSEEDTEC6181500 x 200 x 250
Grinding MachineKENT-1600 x 300 x 200
Inner Hole Jig GrinderT.W.T-1 
Lathe MachinePEI PING-1MAX DIA. 42

Machine Center List

CNC Machining CenterKITAMURAMyCenter-3XG1900 x 410 x 460
CNC Machining CenterAKIRA SEIKIPERFORMA V511500 x 500 x 450
CNC Machining CenterAKIRA SEIKISR31500 x 350 x 300
NC Milling MachinePING JENGRM-2VS1500 x 250 x 150
NC Milling MachineIWASHITA-1600 x 200 x 100
Contour MachineSAWMASTERPY-3101500 x 400 x 350
Tool GrinderPEIPINGPP-6001800 x 550 x 670

Wire EDM List

Jig GrinderMITSUI SEIKI4GDN1400 x 600 x 200
CNC WEDMCHMEREQ3251350 x 250 x 200
CNC WEDMCHMERGX640L1600 x 400 x 300
CNC WEDMTROOPTP-401500 x 400 x 350
EDMRUEYTONGRT730-2001400 x 250 x 150
Hole EDMCHMER0.3 ~ 3.0mm1150 x 150 x 200

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