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27Feb 2020
LeadTech has been approved by Investment Taiwan Office (Ministry Economic Affairs, ROC) to invest 90 million NTD for new production line for the metal bipolar plate of Fuel Cell.

LeadTech will invest 90 million NTD in next 2.5 years to build up the new production lines and upgrade the old ones to implement AI concept. This will bring about 30 new positions of new employees and cut down the cost of fuel cell significantly.

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31Jan 2020
LeadTech got 40 million NTD subsidy from the Government to conduct an A+ Project with Czech for 30 months period.

In the new A+ Project, we not only cooperate with Czech, but also cooperate with some famous partners, like E-Formula, CeTech, Yangtze, ITRI and Solar Applied Material, to realize a low cost and high-performance fuel cell to be implemented in vehicles.

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05Dec 2019
LeadTec was selected as the outstanding achievement of the Ministry Economy Affairs in 2018.

LeadTech has developed the first 10 kw of fuel cell with metal bipolar plates and generate the power successfully.

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